Closing Costs

The closing costs you should know about.

Ok, so you’ve bought or you're considering buying pre-construction. It’s exciting – offers buyers the chance to customize their own home, make some money, the benefits go on and on. However, it’s easy to get caught off guard with closing costs. These hidden costs vary, depending on the value of the home or condo, municipality, and whether or not  you’re first-time home buyer, investor or...

An insider’s guide: Steps to buying a Pre-Construction Condo

If you’re interested in purchasing a pre-construction condo, it’s important to know about the process beforehand. Purchasing pre-construction is a little different than purchasing a residence that is already completed. There are more steps involved, as well as more paperwork, but we’re here to simplify everything for you and make each step more enjoyable. There are many benefits to buying...

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