Condo Investing: Evaluating the Numbers

Evaluate the carrying costs Another important factor that every investor should consider in their business model is the carrying cost of their investment. The carrying cost is the total cost of holding or carrying inventory. A condo owner’s carrying costs may include the mortgage, condo fees (such as maintenance), property taxes and insurance. One of the benefits to pre-construction condo...

Condo Investing: The Perfect Suite

The condo market is on the rise across in Canada as people look to improve their quality of life, downsize, and access affordable housing in desirable locations. You can take advantage of this movement through clever investments in key locations, generating reliable rental income and building equity in a way that’s more affordable, less time consuming, and easier to manage than other real estate...

Condo Investing: Renting vs. Selling

Choosing whether to rent or sell your condo can be a tough decision. While renting your condominium provides you with a solid source of ongoing income, it can also deprive you of a much larger source of capital. Like many things in life, the decision you make should be based on timing, with renting a great option when you need to ride out weak market conditions. If you do it right, renting your condo...

Condo Investing: The Perfect Project

Finding the Perfect Investment Condo There are lots of things to consider when you're hunting for the perfect investment condo. Not only do you need to find a great suite in a fantastic location, but you also need to be aware of the needs and expectations of the market both now and in the future. With a seemingly non-existent price ceiling in today’s condo market, intense competition and difficulty...

Condo Investing: Challenges & Benefits

Buying a condo as an investment is very different to buying one as a home. While you still have to think about specific lifestyle factors such as location, community and amenities, you also have to analyze taxation, equity growth, rental income, closing costs, rules and by-laws. Once these hurdles have been overcome, however, condos offer a number of advantages over other real estate investments. Benefits...

Assignment Basics

What Is An Assignment? An assignment of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale is when the original purchaser (Assignor) from the Builder agrees to allow a new purchaser (Assignee) to take over the contract with the Builder. The original purchaser does not have to close with the Builder and does not take possession (if occupancy has not taken place) or title to the property. The new buyer takes over and...

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