Enhanced Disclosure For Buyers Of Pre-Construction Condominiums

Purchasers of pre-construction condominium units in projects commenced after January 1, 2020 will benefit from more information that will help them make a more informed purchase.  Agreements of purchase and sale for units where the first purchase agreement for the project or phase of a project is signed after this date will include an information sheet at the front of the purchase agreement that outlines...

Five Things Every New Condo Buyer Should Know When Making The Deal

We've found the perfect condo you've been searching for and you’re ready to make it your home. But before you sign off on your deal, consider these things to ensure you understand your rights as a new home buyer. Get a lawyer to review your agreement The purchase agreement is a critical part of making a new condo officially yours. But before you grab the pen and sign away,...

Top Three Reasons For Construction Delays

Buying a pre-construction home can definitely be stressful, especially when your closing date seems to be moving further and further away. And if you need to sell your current residence prior to taking possession of your new home, you know that whether or not your builder meets the closing or occupancy date in your purchase agreement will affect your living situation. While we all wish that builds...

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